Early Morning painting time on Penobscot Bay

Björn Runquist was born in Stockholm, Sweden, grew up in New York and spent his high school years in France before returning to the U.S. for college.  Upon completion of college he moved to London, England. After four years in London and receiving a Master's degree from Kings College, University, of London, he returned to the U.S. and for 35 years made his home in Connecticut where he taught while also working as a professional artist.  During that time he summered in Maine and since 2013 has been a full time resident of Clark Island, ME.  He has work in the permanent collection of the Farnsworth Museum and has exhibited widely in galleries on the East Coast from Florida to Maine, including the Caldbeck in Rockland, the Connecticut Biennial at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, The Center for Maine Contemporary Art, and the Allan Stone Gallery in New York.  He is in many private and corporate collections and has a number of paintings in the State Department’s Arts in Embassies program which places art in U.S. Embassies around the world.   He is currently represented by Landing Gallery in Rockland, ME, and River Rd. Gallery in Wilton Ct.  He was featured in Maine Home & Design in April 2010 and listed as one of Maine’s 60 artists “to collect now, while you can”.  He was also featured again in Maine Home & Design in the August 2010 issue.



           “Björn Runquist encompasses a broad approach to landscape painting.  The American luminist tradition, the European plein air school and his modern sensibility merge into a very personal style.  A certain air of romanticism permeates his work reinforced by a wonderful feeling for light and color.  Beyond that, his play between light and air weaves his forms into an abstract formality.  An all over sense of design transcends reality and becomes a painting reality.”

            - Will Barnet, New York, Feb. 2005  


“Björn Runquist’s work is both unconventional and refreshing, witty and yet  

serious…there is a wonderful joyous quality which is out of the ordinary.  It is an

art which is both intriguing and rich in visionary fascination.”

- Nancy Hall-Duncan, The Bruce Museum,  Greenwich, CT.


“An artist such as Runquist is capable of establishing a rapturous visionary world

…caught in the dilemma of the known and the unknown.”

 - Bernard Hanson, The Hartford Courant


“Runquist’s work is highly original, filled with vitality, wit and beauty.”

 - Carolyn Lanchner, The Museum of Modern Art, NY, NY.







2019 Granite Gallery, Tenants Harbor Maine

2014   Landing Gallery, Rockland, ME.

2009-18  Oceanview Grange, Port Clyde, ME

2010   Gleason Fine Art, Portland, ME 

2002-2008  The Sea Studio Gallery, Tenants Harbor, ME.

2005    Bachelier-Cardonsky Gallery, Kent, CT.

2003    Bachelier-Cardonsky Gallery, Kent, CT.

1992-01  Oceanview Grange, Port Clyde, ME.

2001    Bachelier -Cardonsky Gallery, Kent, CT.

1998    Bachelier-Cardonsky Gallery, Kent, CT.

1996    Paris-New York-Kent Gallery, Kent, CT.

            Unibank Gallery, 21 East 54th St, NY.NY.

1991    Caldbeck Gallery, Rockland, ME.

1990    Connecticut Gallery, Marlborough, CT.

1989    Paul Mellon Art Gallery, Wallingford, CT.

1988    Man Bites Dog Gallery, Durham, NC.

1987    Munson Gallery, New Haven, CT.

1986    Greene Gallery, Guilford, CT.

            Silvermine Gallery, Silvermine, CT.

1985    Fischer Gallery, Avon, CT.

1984    Paul Mellon Art Gallery, Wallingford, CT.



2019 Greenhut Gallery, Portland Maine

2014, 2013  Landing Gallery:  Maine Landscapes

2010    Gleason Fine Art, “A Conference of Birds”, Portland, ME.

2009    Bachelier-Cardonsky, Kent, CT

2008    CMCA, Rockport, ME: First Traces

2008    Bachelier-Cardonsky, Kent, CT

2007    Horton Hayes, Charleston, SC

2006    Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA    

2003    Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA.

2002    Farnsworth Museum, “New Acquisitions”, Rockland, ME.

1999    Bachelier-Cardonsky, Kent, CT.

1999    Art of the Northeast,  Silvermine, New Canaan, CT.  Curated by Allan Stone

1997    Paris-New York-Kent Gallery, “The Horse”, Kent, CT.

1995    Paris-New York-Kent Gallery, Kent, CT.

1995    Roger Smith Gallery, 47th and Lexington, NY.NY.  Curated by Molly Barnes

1995    Thomas Nordanstad Gallery, 289 Hudson St. NY. NY.

1991    Bruce Museum: “CT Biennial ‘91”, Greenwich, CT.

1989    Connecticut Gallery, Marlborough, CT.

1988    Allan Stone Gallery, NY. NY.

1986    Moosart Gallery, Miami, FL.

1985    Now Gallery, NY. NY.

1984    MS Gallery: “The Figure”, Hartford, CT.

             “Art of the Northeast”, Silvermine,  New Canaan, CT.



A partial list of works in collections includes:



Farnsworth Museum, Rockland, ME.

Aetna Insurance, Hartford, CT.

CDC Financial, Farmington, CT.

Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT.

Gold/Smith Gallery, Boothbay Harbor, ME.

LL Bean

L M Ericsson Corp., NY. NY.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Barnet

Kent School, Kent, CT.

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Kidder

Latham & Watkins, San Francisco, CA.

Phoenix Insurance Corp. Hartford, CT.

Remack Ramsey, Monhegan, ME.

Mr. Jeffrey Storer, Durham, NC

Ms. Jennifer Sturges, Irvine, CA

Mr. William Johnson, Scarsdale, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Rolando Villegas, Albuquerque, MN

Mr and Mrs. Bengt Wallstrom, Clark Island, ME

Mr. Joseph Messler, Camden, ME