"With instructive demos, useful quick exercises, plenty of painting time in inspiring settings and lots of positive feedback and critiques, a Runquist workshop is not to be missed. Lots of good humor and spirited fun as well."  Margaret Creighton, Brunswick, ME

“From the moment you come to the informal first session at Bjorn & Ann’s home in Clark Island, you are welcomed to participate in these artists’ world.  Bjorn and his son Tollef are talented and inspiring artists and teachers.  From the first day of class, they give demos, conduct exercises, offer critiques, give individual attention and share their ideas and techniques with students.  The class is held at various locations in this incredibly beautiful landscape.  Their class offers students the opportunity to grow to a new level as an artist.”  Chris Moses , Ashville, NC

“Thanks for the great workshop!  You are very thorough and patient, you answered all my questions!  You were very flexible and open to whatever the class wanted to do!  I will highly recommend your workshops to call my friends!”   Joy Moser , Weaverville, NC

“I want to thank you both for a fantastic workshop!  I learned a huge amount, but more importantly I feel totally inspired and energized!  I feel as though you’ve given me a wonderful gift.  I cannot adequately express how much I appreciate your patient instruction and practical feedback.  Thank you for teaching me how to capture on canvas the amazing beauty that surrounds us.”  Gio Argentati, Atlanta, GA

"I wanted to say that your workshop was the highlight of my summer! I haven't attended many workshops and when I do I try to choose one whose instructor I greatly admire. To find a workshop that had two instructors whose work I greatly admire was too good to be true. The two of you work so well together. You both have different approaches to your painting and what was great was taking things away from each of you. I loved watching the respect that you both have for each other and each others approach to painting. You were both incredibly approachable, generous with your knowledge and incredibly humble. You also shared your home and family with us which meant a lot."  Sara Gray, Portland, ME